January 2019Initiated from a film-poem project for the book OUT | TUO (2018), Metzger is currently producing and developing her first documentary film, focusing on the current economic and housing situation in Athens, Greece, as well as society’s treatment of the aged.




OUT | TUO : Hollace M Metzger” (2018)
The Sixth Book of Poetry and Writings

Video production, photography, graphics, mixing & editing: Hollace M Metzger
Church bells at Midnight: Καθεδρικός Ναός Ευαγγελισμού της Θεοτόκου (Metropolitan Cathedral of the Annunciation). Athens, Greece

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“Prince William Sound’s Three Suns* / Portrait for a Marine Engineer” (2016-18)
Commission #12

*Prince William Sound, Alaska:
*Three Suns: &

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“Randy Describes His Vessel” (2018)

Dedicated to a man, and the men and women who spend much of their lives at sea.
The first of a series of vignettes preceding the release of Metzger’s sixth Book of Poetry, “OUT | TUO” (2018).
The book features the lives of others met along her travels, from 2007-17 and in returning to the United States, those who live in a kind of solitude, whether physical, emotional or psychological. Imagery captured en-route, from 2007 onward, leading to the author’s 2013 departure from France, returning to the territory of her youth, traversing and living in Alaska, then eventually returning to Europe to reside in Athens, Greece.

While revisiting two places once referred to as “Home” a decade later, Metzger reassesses the idea of “borders and divisions” as “connections” as well as her own sense of belonging, of reunion, of disassociation and acceptance of disconnecting from memories held sacred while also embracing an altered perspective of reality, of place, of life and memories made anew.

Photography & video (2006-17);
Text, poetry, painting & field recordings (2012-18);
Vocals & editing by Hollace M. Metzger

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“To Belong” (2016)

A collaborative film-poem by Greek artist Stavro Christo & Hollace M Metzger (Athens, July 2016).
“To Belong” follows a woman questioning abandonment of her lifelong nomadic quest for singular identity and independence from society when faced with the opportunity of embracing romantic love. She gradually becomes aware that her individuality in solitude is not so unique and that her lifelong quest, ‘To Be’, is also that of her lover and the rest of society, ‘To Belong’.

Stavro Christo – video, production, direction, editing & sound

Hollace M Metzger – poetry, text, voice, vocal recording & mixing & acting

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On Exhibit 31 august – 9 september, 2012 – Metzger’s collaborative video “The Living Bridge” was featured at THE LIVING BRIDGE Multi-Media Art Exhibition, Community Gallery, 20 Princes Street, Dunedin, New Zealand. 31 aug.-9 sept. 2012; public screening 6 sept. 


THE LIVING BRIDGE multi-media art exhibition
Community Gallery, 20 Princes Street
Dunedin, New Zealand. 31 aug.-9 sept. 2012

L A N D S C A P E – B O D Y – I N F R A S T R U C T U R E
Consciousness ————— Touch ———————- Movement

A continuous and connective ‘bridge’ of thoughts and images as one
travels through experiences, conflicts, clarity and abstractions of
consciousness, attempting to better remember her passage by means of
establishing visual-emotional connections, while traversing the
Living Bridge to arrive to realizations in life.. Suggesting mankind’s
evolution towards greater compassion, empathy, acceptance and that
which is tangible as opposed to virtual, poems and photos are from
the Fifth Book of poetry by Metzger, ‘3VOLVE‘ (September 2012).

c r e d i t s

0:00 - "RETURN TO YOU"
 J.De Oliveira. video, concept
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, photography
2:02 - "L|NES"
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, video
3:27 - "WIND" v.1
 O.Vaillant. vocal mixing & music: 'Wind'
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, video
5:38 - "WIND" v.2
 O.Vaillant. music: 'Cadaques'; vocal, poem: 'A'
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, photography
 O.Vaillant. music: 'Budapest'
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, photography
 O.Vaillant. vocal, poem: 'Pour te Chercher'; music: 'Untitled'
 (audio excerpt from original video montage 'Train 3')
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, video
13:19 - "FIND ME"
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, photography
14:45 - "HANDS"
 O.Vaillant. music: 'Piano 3' 
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, photography
 O.Vaillant. music: 'Clermont' (solo guitar)
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, video
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, video
 O.Vaillant. music: 'Mostar'
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, video, interpretive dance
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, photography
 O.Vaillant. lyrics, vocals, music: 'Foreign Land'
 H.Metzger. video
33:40 - "POST-IT"
35:00 - "'OR(L)AGE"
36:40 - "THIRD PERSON"
 H.Metzger. poetry, vocal/chant, video, photography
 O.Vaillant. music: 'HO Cellos'
 H.Metzger. videos
44:18 - "TAKE SHAPE"
45:38 - "MUSE'S SHADOW"
47:14 - "UNFOLD"
 H.Metzger. poetry, vocal, photography
48:00 - "L'ADIEU"
 O.Vaillant. music: 'HO Cellos'
 H.Metzger. poem, vocal, video, photography

Hollace M METZGER.

THE LIVING BRIDGE is a multi-media exhibition linking contemporary
Tibetan, New Zealand and International artists in Dunedin for 2012.
Donations will be raised for Tibetan Refugee Settlement / Support Groups.

Metzger’s “The Living Bridge” installation will be on display at The
Community Gallery, Dunedin, 3-9 Sept. 2012, with a public viewing Thursday,
6 Sept. Previous photo-poetry/video work (2007-10) by Metzger will also be
projected 31 Aug.-9 Sept. — Gallery hours: 10-6 Mon.-Fri. / 12-5 Sat.,Sun.



“RETURN TO YOU” (2012)

Jean de Oliveira & Hollace M Metzger, in collaboration
Video, Concept: Jean de Oliveira
Poetry, Voice & Photography: Hollace M Metzger

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“SOME (My Love)” – BAU MEN (2012)

Vignette featuring a painting inspired by a love story and the music of BAU MEN (Reims, France).
An experimental attempt to define lyric meanings with abstraction, dynamism, as well as visualize a video projection and promotional video for the first concert of BauMen in Reims, 2012.

music: Bau Men – Nico Barbier (vocals, lyrics)
painting, video & lyrics translation assistance: H.M. Metzger


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An interpretation of Anemic Cinema (1926, Marcel Duchamp) using
original 10-frame rotorelief designs fit with concrete poetry.

Music by Micka Luna.
Poetry, voice, video & concrete poetry by Hollace M. Metzger.
Text from the book Transcriptions of Time (2009).


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An interpretation of the Finnish epic “Kalevala”, the Irish legend
“The Children of Lir” and/featuring Ruben Dario’s poem “Blason”.

Music: “Tuonelan Joutsen” (“The Swan of Tuonela”, 1893) tone
poem by Jean Sibelius, performed by The Berliner Philharmoniker,
Herbert Von Karajan [EMI Records] and “Love, Those Beams
That Breed” from A Pilgrimes Solace, The Fourth Booke of Songs
(1612) by John Dowland, performed by The Consort of Musicke,
Anthony Rooley [Decca Records].
Video, artwork and production by Hollace M. Metzger.


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The English-French theme poem from the third book of poetry, Why the WilloW (2010).

Poetry, photography, video and vocals by Hollace M. Metzger, featuring L. Plazannet.


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5X” (2010) – A collaboration with TRAUM FILMS (Berlin)


5 choreographies, a unique expression, based on an indistinct portrait of
reality, an illustration/disorder in skeptical/ distressed movements. A tableau
of thoughts and illusions designed/reshaped and reconstructed as memories.

Produced by Traum Films
Directed by Jean de Oliveira
Choreographer/Dancer: Melanja Palitta
Music: Marta Collica
Poetry/Voice: Hollace M. Metzger
Costumes: Carolina Campos
Location: London / UK


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A collaboration with Tiago Benzinho (music) and the spoken words of Hollace M. Metzger (poetry, voice, photography).

Poem from the books Observing the Labyrinth from Heaven (2007-8) and Transcriptions of Time (2009)..  .  .


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Field Recordings & Memory Montage, France 2008-9
0:00 hanging over highway A6 from an overpass, Gentilly
0:07 learning to speak French… (continuous)
0:16 midday church bells and birds, Langrune-sur-Mer
0:18 a friends phone call to work, pretending to be ill, Caen
0:22 a English/French conversation with a photographer (continuous)
0:29 a New Yorker playing saxophone in adjacent room, Cachan
1:11 church service ending, from outside the doorway, Paris
1:53 two men mixing crepes in a restaurant, Mont Saint-Michel
2:36 a military aircraft fly-by, Normandy
2:52 two men mixing crepes in a restaurant, Mont Saint-Michel
3:32 a New Yorker playing saxophone in adjacent room, Cachan
5:21 church service ending, from outside the doorway, Paris
5:30 two men mixing crepes in a restaurant, Mont Saint-Michel
6:28 midday church bells and birds, Langrune-sur-Mer
6:31 a military aircraft flyby, Normandy

with special thanks to
Chris Cuzme, Yves Marchand, Nick Auskeur & Laurent Plazannet

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“Fenêtres” (2008)

Music by Thomas Bel.
Voice, video and poetry from the book TRANSCRIPTIONS OF TIME (2009) by Hollace M. Metzger

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“ANONYM (Identity/Crisis)” (2009)

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“CELLULE” (2009)

Thematic vignette representation of part of a multi-media presentation of the 10-11 October Paris vernissage of Hollace M. Metzger, exhibiting with Parisian graffiti artist PLAZ.
Video, montage, painting & photography by Hollace M. Metzger.
The Music is “An Unwelcome Friend” by Philip Glass (song 1) & “Old World” by Philip Glass / Yo Yo Ma (song 2) – Sony Records.

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Bottled Soul” is from the second book of poems, TRANSCRIPTIONS OF TIME (2009), by Hollace M. Metzger.
Music by Norman Fairbanks, originally scored as “Music for Galleries” and from the album “CATHEDRAL CITY COUNTERFEITS”

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A collaboration of music, poetry & Paris:
‘Return Ticket’ is from the book TRANSCRIPTIONS OF TIME (2009) by Hollace M. Metzger.
Music by Tiago Benzinho.

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Music by Hendrik Vogel. Poetry/voice/video by Hollace M. Metzger. Video clips taken in Paris, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe + Paris again.


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“RONDINE (Little Bird)” (2008)

Poem (from the book TRANSCRIPTIONS OF TIME) & video of fig tree by Hollace M. Metzger, dubbed over part of “Lend Your Ears to my Sorrow” from the Third Booke of Songs (1603) by John Dowland (1563-1626), performed by Anthony Rooley, Consort of Musicke. Title & poetic theme also inspired by the ballad introduction of “Rondine al Nido” (Swallow to the Nest) by Vincenzo de Crescenzo (1875-1964).

.  .  .


“EIN TRAUM” (2008)

A reading of Franz Kafka’s “Ein Traum” by Hollace M. Metzger & G. LeMeste, in German/English stereo. Scenography from Cany-Barville, Normandy, France. Video/sound by Hollace M. Metzger.

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“DILUTION” (2008)

A collaboration with Shanyio (music) and Hollace M. Metzger (poetry, voice, photography). Poem from the books Observing the Labyrinth from Heaven and Transcriptions of Time.

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“NORMANDIE” (2008)

A collaboration with Shanyio (music) and Hollace M. Metzger (poetry, voice, photography, video).