OUT | TUO ‘ 

[ released April 2018 ]

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22 april 2019
California, USA

“…you’ve been one of the most influential Teachers of my life.
So much of my words find their genesis and re-affirmed strength in what you have already shared. In what you consistently put forth in the world.
I “Thank You” more often than you know.”

23 june 2018
Los Angeles, USA

“…enjoying my copy of (Metzger’s previous release) very much. She does achieve, often, this essence, “of Moments, of Life, of Living”. And essence is exactly the right word.”


21 june 2018
London, United Kingdom

“…You are everywhere, you were seated in the empty chairs on the train home last night, also the one beside me as I read aloud from your own book in the empty carriage and imagined you there. Transcriptions of Time is right here in front of me at the desk as well as the DVD version of it beside 2 copies of 3VOLVE …OUT | TUO is on the bed with the opened parcel box on the sofa.  There is more of you present-absent elsewhere in this house (of this) “Sufi mystic” you’ve never met or should ever hope to.  Just imagine how much of you is invested with others who love and refuse to accept what is sometimes expressed in the middle poems of OUT | TUO.  There is so much in these poems and writings, so much of you, intoxicating in their rhythms and cadences, turns of phrase and puns.  So much that is of your beauty and about you that my words or any words are not enough…”


20 june 2018
Portland, US

“…I love how you put (the book) in memory of Leonard Cohen. I’m excited to read it… I am still in the beginning of the book, but I can tell you this: I love the design and it is quite unique! …your book makes me think of that frame of mind. What I have read thus far is very inspiring.”


20 june 2018
Virginia, USA

“One of my favorite, insightful and creative poets…”


31 may 2018
Marakina City, Philippines

“My stepfather arrived from the U.S. bringing me this much awaited book! So excited! …As an Eye surgeon, I so love the cover…”


28 april 2018
London, United Kingdom

“Great cover design. …Working on a review of this incredible book. A bit staggered by its depth and profound wisdom.”
OUT-series, phase III – Transmogrification  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOZs8wsIuqs
To Belong  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdfStCZC0H8
Randy Describes his Vessel  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAiic8jrD0A


26 april 2018
Athens, Greece

“Just received through the post …OUT | TUO. …I think it is much more than a poetry book. It addresses contemporary social issues while at the same time it is a very personal testimony of a journey traversing the most intimate areas of the mental and spiritual sides of being human, inside the structure of today’s society. Even more, I would call it an art book… because (Metzger) enhances those topics in the way (that) they unfold through the pages’ layout reflecting her own ritualistic rhythm.”


16 april 2018
Virginia, USA

“A remarkable volume by a truly outstanding poet and artist, Hollace Metzger. She describes the human experience with deep insight and courageous passion. Do yourself a favor and get one for your library.”





*Cover photography & design by Stavro Christo – www.stavrochristo.com.