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H.M.  Metzger


photo-poetry, book #8 – photo-poésie, livre #8 – foto-poesía, libro # 8

2020 – 2022

greece & florence, italy





–  l a t e s t    r e l e a s e  –


a g ά p e

[ simply love ]

2 0 1 9

athens, greece

BOOK 7, excerpts from Volumes I-X  (2019)
ISBN # 978-0-359-40270-0

A volume of Love, for Lovers.

In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day and dedicated to the author’s mother and father on their 50th wedding anniversary, agάpe [simply love]  promises to be a unique edition, fully revealing Metzger’s profound romantic side woven throughout and extracted from her six books to date. Often transcribed directly from the eyes and experience of who many have called a romantic existentialist, Metzger’s contemporary perspective is often infused with the sentiment of the troubadour, reflecting that of Chaucer’s 14th-Century shift of the religious holiday to a day for romance and courtly love.

Comprised of her more positive, hopeful and courtly poems, agάpe [simply love] exhibits Metzger’s fervent belief in, and infallible hope for, the preservation of romantic love in society, spanning 15 years of traveling, observing, and living among different cultures.

language:  English (some French); 192 pages
poetry/prose book; 171 poems
* Available internationally, through




April 2018

 –  See the promotional video :  OUT | TUO (2018)  –

BOOK 6, Volumes IX-X  (2018)
ISBN # 978-1-387-70051-6
poetry, writings, artwork & photography  –  Paris; France; U.S. Midwest & Alaska, United States; Athens, Piraeus, Hydra & Poros Islands, Greece

In the winter of 2012-13 and shortly after receiving French residency, Metzger left a life she cultivated in Europe and many dreams behind. OUT | TUO follows a five-year journey to recover those dreams, if not see them in a new light and from an altered, coming-of-age perspective. Now characteristic of the author, her Sixth Book of Poetry and Writings leans on existentialist thought to stress the idea of how, in fact, “The only way out is through”, and while living in a land much more foreign than the America and Western Europe she left behind – America, ten years later.

language:  English (some French, Italian, Greek); 382 pages
poetry/prose book; 182 poems & titles
* Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore &



∃ V O Γ V E

February 2013


  –  See a video collaboration for ∃VOΓVE, by Jean de Oliveira:  “ RETURN TO YOU ”  –

As previewed in The Brooklyn Voice, Peripheral Surveys, live on Ireland’s radio, by organizations such as IdeogrammaSidestreets and The European Parliament, emitted at an exhibition benefit for Tibet in New Zealand, and a number of its pages released from the sky at a peace rally organized to unite a divided city in Cyprus…

BOOK 5, Volumes VII-VIII  (2013)
ISBN # 978-1-300-73158-0
poetry, photography & writings –  Paris & Reims, France; New York & Brooklyn, USA; throughout Ireland

∃VOΓVE is a photo-poetic prospectus suggesting Man’s responsibility to shape social evolution away from the habits of the Information Age, to better communicate, to touch and be touched.∃VOΓVE displays Metzger’s ability to dig profoundly into social, political and existentialist philosophies, to question and adjust readers’ perspective by providing alternative views. Sensitively reading human emotion while highly conscious of her environment, Metzger prolongs moments, inhales existence, then writes in deep, steady exhales which are meditative, sensual and intimate.  – – ∃VOΓVE est un prospectus photo-poétique qui suggère la responsabilité de l’Homme à façonner son évolution sociale loin des sentiers de l’ère de l’information, pour mieux communiquer, toucher, et être touché. ∃VOΓVE affiche la capacité d’ Hollace Metzger à creuser profondément dans la vie sociale, philosophies politiques et existentialiste, à remettre en question et ajuster le point de vue des lecteurs, en leur apportant simplement des vues alternatives. De cette sensibilité à lire l’émotion humaine, et d’une conscience forte de son environnement, Metzger prolonge ces instants, respire l’existence, puis écrit avec passion, libère progressivement ce qu’il y a de méditatif, sensuel et intime.
language:  English (some French); 346 pages
poetry/prose book; 130 poems & titles

* Available in hard-cover & paperback at



writings by  H.M. Metzger  have also been published in

3:AM  MAGAZINE  france



ARTISTS  GONE  GLOBAL, 2nd Edition  usa



THE  BROOKLYN  VOICE  usa – july, sept., oct. 2012 & feb. 2013





I HEAR YOU” – GIANT DWARF (album+vocals)  usa


L.A. MACHINE” – NORMAN FAIRBANKS (album+vocals)  germany

THE LIVING BRIDGE (exposition)  new zealand




PARAGON PRESS  usa – 2019






SPECTRUM  chicago, usa


A SUMMER SPOKEN FOR (exhibition, by Edward Fausty)  usa

TIME OUT  london


TRENSCH” – MARTIN PHILADELPHY (album+vocals)  austria


U.C. Berkley Creative Writing course syllabus  usa – 2020-22


Unto Lineage Royal: A Midsummer’s Dream (citation), by Richard McSweeney

VELLICHOR PRESS, Issue #3  usa – 2019




2022, TBA – H.M. Metzger : POETRY, BOOK #8 Release


2 November 2022 (June 2023) – Metzger has been invited to perform her Poetry at a multi-artist staged evening event proceeding the 2023 International Convention of English Language Schools in Rufina, Italy.

2020-2022 – A selection of poetry by H.M. Metzger has been added to the U.C. Berkeley Creative Writing (CRWRIT) course syllabus, citing various independent contemporary American poets.

1 November 2022 – Currently in collaboration (reactionary poetry, vocals) with Florentine multi-instrumentalist Francesco—-(TBA), in response to the production of his first major solo project. More to come!

13 October 2022 “La Quête de l’Absolu”.
Currently in a revival collaboration with percussionist H. Meziane (France/Algeria)…  Sharing a profound adoration for the poetry of Djalâl-od-Dîn Rumî (1207-1273) and its extensive comparative translations, Metzger-Meziane were also roommates in Reims, France, ten years ago. When they first met, they could not speak the same language – The underlying theme of this collaboration consists of the idea of how we communicate through common understanding of literatures, and form lasting bonds with others, without the use of language exchange. More to come!

October-December 2021 – Currently writing new Poetry pieces for the December ’21 exhibition of Italian surrealist photographer, Stefano Tommasi, entitled “Giorni”. The resultant collaboration includes multiple texts written in response to his work throughout the past year, some extracted archives, and some specifically for Tommasi’s premier solo exhibition (Napoli, Italy), its respective book, recitations of other poetries inspired by the first meeting of the two artists, and a video recitation / installation (in French) at the Castel dell’Ovo.

18 July 2021 – Metzger has been invited to participate in a special edition of World Women Writers, by author & professor Dr. Ajit Kumar, scheduled to be released later next year.

17 July 2021– Metzger & composer/sound-experimentalist Micka Luna have continued their journey into yet another collaborative work together, the two artists collaborating and exchanging ideas since 2006.

25 June 2021 – Metzger’s poem Rondine (from the book Transcriptions of Time: The Collected Works of Hollace M. Metzger (2009)), written in Paris to Vincenzo de Crescenzo’s romance “Rondine al Nido”, has been interpreted as the inspiration for a short opera, the poem sung and translated into Greek, by a Greek composer in Athens and a Greek mezzo-soprano in London. The composer said, “Whenever I had lost hope I listened to this poem, …and I feel I can do everything, feeling strong and believed.” “I traveled half the world because of Metzger’s verses”. More to follow…

April 2019
– Metzger’s poetry from the Why the WilloW series (Paris, France) to be published by Paragon Press.



Book 4, Volume VI – Paris, Mayenne & Normandy, France

“Everything to do with Hollace M. Metzger is art, every word she utters transmogrifies itself into poetry so that one cannot help but come back to the work again and again.  Like history, it is cyclical.  And with this new book; daylight has broken.  Her voice and her poems can never tire one.  Her paintings are an endless kaleidoscope of labyrinthine meanings and emotions, they are stubbornly direct in conveying their message, in making themselves felt.  We are bravely offered, raw and throbbing, the timely truths that can sometimes be problematic, painful, disorderly and ugly and we are shown how all can turn to beauty and joy at a slight change of perspective.  They are like the sun which rises and sinks diurnally yet every rising heralds a new dawn. Can one but help be immersed in Metzger’s work, it keeps me dazzled at nights.  I read everything cyclically…”  [ Read the full Review by author Rehan Qayoom (June 2011) ]

“The latest collection of poetry by multi-artist Hollace M. Metzger is a dazzling yet intimate portrait of the author–perhaps, her most personal yet. Eternal Story is a testimony to life, proving that love and art are timeless, forever new to those who choose to take notice. Eternal Storyis Metzger’s “dream within a dream”–a world of alternate realities over which the reader has limited control. It is the world existing as we individually experience it, a reality which we are capable of changing and re-creating with the belief that anything is possible. Thrumming, beating, exposed and raw, Eternal Story is a reminder that happiness and love must first come from within–we are all our own Eternal Story. Hollace M. Metzger is one of the greatest existentialist authors of our time, and I highly recommend her work.”  – Review by novelist Christina Westover (July 2011)

poetry/prose book & .pdf-download
90 poems
* Available at & Viracocha Shop, San Francisco




Why the WilloW audio book (2011)
Book 3, Volume V – Paris, France

‘Why the WilloW’ is the third book of poems by American author Hollace M. Metzger, released after her premiere public exposition in Paris as a multi-artist. This Fifth Volume of poetry reveals the Author’s newer tendency towards “Looking Down to See Up” in both its imagery and reflective, rhythmic and often experimental use of language. This special edition audio book release includes 6-track MP3’s (2.5 hours of spoken-word audio), the original e-Book (70 poems; 64 b/w photographs), new book reviews, an interview with the author and the featured ‘Why the Willow’ photo-montage video

CD audio book & MP3-download
70 Poems, 2.6 hours (155 mins.)
* Available at
Viracocha Shop, San Francisco – SOLD OUT elsewhere




Why the WilloW (2010)

Why the WilloW (2010)
ISBN # 978-1-257-22212-4
Book 3, Volume V – Paris, France

“I do not want to emphasise the “modernity” and “now” of Hollace Metzger’s poetry, an American poetess living in Paris, but there is something that roots though her feet and grows branches out of her hands…[Read More– Garry Franks, BOWL Publishers

“A visionary in the truest sense, Hollace M. Metzger once again inspires us to open our hearts and minds, noticing the subtleties presented in everyday life in her latest poetry collection “Why the Willow.” While “Transcriptions of Time” was about open-ended questions, “Why the Willow” asks readers to “BELIEVE.” Believe in thinking outside of the “box.” Believe in the male and female energies surrounding us, polar opposites which blend together to create something everlasting. Believe that the colors on a “painter’s palette” are nothing less profound than the colors of the human chakras.
“Why the Willow” commences at the end of the seasonal cycle in winter, though it isn’t a true beginning for a tree which has known many lives before–an ancient willow known for its medicinal properties, its significance in various religions, for its ability to shape and mold the living things around it. The book progresses through spring to summer, summer to autumn, revealing the truth behind world beliefs as really being a reflection of ourselves and what we choose to see. Complex, formidable and deeply moving, Hollace M. Metzger’s “Why the Willow” is timeless and a must read!” – Christina Westover, novelist

photo-poetry book & .pdf-download
70 poems, 64 b/w photos
* Available at iBookstore, Barnes & &  Viracocha Shop, San Francisco




TranSynPhony (2010)
Transcriptions of Time: The Collected Poetic Works of Hollace M. Metzger audio book
DVD-MP3 & MP3-download
164 Poems, 6.4 hours (384 mins.)
* Available at Viracocha Shop, San Francisco – SOLD OUT elsewhere




Transcriptions of Time - The Collected Poetic Works (2009)

Transcriptions of Time – The Collected Works of Hollace M. Metzger (2009)
ISBN # 978-1-257-26151-2
Volumes I – IV – New York, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Venice, Athens, Piraeus, Normandy, Toulouse, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Belgium, Lille & Paris

“In these poems: people, place and words dance together in a moment of time… [ Read More ]” – Garry Franks, BOWL Publishers

“While reading ‘Transcriptions of Time’, one has the feeling of witnessing history in the making. Her emotionally descriptive prose proves that she is one of the greatest existentialist writers of our time.
‘Transcriptions of Time’ is a journey without a definite destination, an open-ended book, because time is infinite. Brutally honest, the richly colored prose paints living breathing pictures, and makes tangible the intangible. Written from the viewpoints of various cities, one experiences the feeling of being invisible, insignificant, yet free all at once. It is a taleof remembrance, bringing to mind the various individuals a person comes into contact with in a lifetime. It beckons one to remember the sacred ancient places in this world now hidden by factories and concrete–for they still stand, and magic is all around us.
Hollace M. Metzger reminds us of the moon’s influence–its gravitational pull of one’s soul, one’s body, one’s mind. Like the moon, it is difficult to resist the gravitational pull of Metzger’s poetry.” – Christina Westover, novelist

photo-poetry book & .pdf-download
164 poems, 70 b/w photos
* Available at iBookstore,, Barnes & NobleLulu (paperback) / Lulu (hardcover),  & Viracocha Shop, San Francisco



Observing the Labyrinth from Heaven : Paris Recordings (2008)

mp3-DVD & mp3-download audio book
90 poems
* Available at Viracocha Shop, San Francisco – SOLD OUT elsewhere



Observing the Labyrinth from Heaven (2007, 2008)

Observing the Labyrinth from Heaven (2007, 2008)
ISBN # 978-1-257-13985-9
Volumes I & II – New York & Brooklyn, Dublin, Ireland; Glasgow, Scotland; London, UK; Venice & Burano Island, Italy; Athens & Piraeus, Greece; Normandy & Paris, France

The first book of poetry by American architect, author and artist Hollace M. Metzger.
Metzger was educated in the US, London and Venice, Italy before settling into the New York arts scene for the past eight years. Recently, she has been prolific in writing while performing in public salons in New York City and while traveling across Western Europe. In addition to writing, her poetic endeavors include collaborations with composers in the US, UK, Canada, across the EU and Romania.
Through words, The Labyrinth’s renaissance appeal unfolds, revealing itself mysteriously but with refreshing honesty. It will take you on a journey of mind, space and time travel from the past into the future with transporting descriptions of place, of space and the bitter-sweetness of urban life paired with optimism and deep sensual undertones. Through the Labyrinth, you will find a glimpse into the library of the next generation of poets.

photo-poetry book & .pdf-download
64 poems, 67 b/w photos
* Available at iBookstore,, Barnes &,  KindleViracocha Shop, San Francisco & The Red Wheelbarrow, Paris 




The  P o e m s

† completed film or artwork collaborations
premise for theatre production
* completed music collaborations
~ published in literary journal and/or review

a g ά p e   ( 2019 )

Poem List to be updated, soon… 



O U T | T U O   ( 2018 )

Poem List to be updated, soon… 



∃ V O Γ V E   ( 2013 )

~Brooklyn Fools
$10, Fine
Pink Balloon
Apollo & Daphne
~Comparing You to Bernini

~Author’s Note

~~*Return to You

~Étoile Filante
Thoughts on Abandon
Les Yeux d’un Etranger
Ne pas Réveiller
The Silent Feminist Regime
~Your White Bed Turned to Red
Mirrored Nature
*Musique | Music
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims
~To Say Je t’aime
Ultimate Destination
Comme un Bateau
Take Shape
~Be the First
~~Where Sound Resides
~Love: Start to Finish to Begin Again

~The Price to Pay
~~~If I Could
Have Yet
~First String Bikini
~Don’t Explain
~~Songe Lucide de ce Matin
The Traveler
~To Love Again
~l’Invitation au Voyage
~Do Not Ask
~Definition of DO
At Your Circus
Midnight Moon
Love Letters to the Universe
Intelligent Beauty
~@ la Terrasse
~My Love,
~Les Escaliers de Montmartre
Hotel Alhambra
~I Did Not Look Up
Big City Little Girl
If to Love
~Rough Draft
A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall
Thoughts on your RDV with the great François Arnal

Love Living
~The Lingerie Shop’s Tears
~~Becomes Us
~Return to the Labyrinth (Find Me)
~From Your Closed Window
~In Their next Life
The Last
~One if by Land, Two if by Sea
Lady Dublin, Landing
Ascending Dingle
Cafe, Irish Coffee & Dylan
*Muse’s Shadow
~Third Person
*The Ultimate
~Love Letter
Notes on Another Return
~Shadow of Belief
I, New You
Love, Death and Life Again (Pagan Love Song)
~In a City Without Clubs
Certain Heaven
~The Rose Before You
~~Paris, Encore
The Inevitable
First Snow
Use What We Have
~You, The Night, The
~Big Love
~While Watching You Sleep
Je ne Suis Pas ta Guerre
~Full Sky, Temporal and Clearing
2 April
A Dream
~Ink Stains and What Remains
Sunday Morning
~Fly, Move Through
~Fete de la Musique
One Year Here
Sixth Sense of Solitude
~To Be
Not Sure What It Is
~Old Modern House
~~Chanel No.5
~Beauty to Belief
~Palm Tree Bar
~Shooting Stars and Paper Hearts










































E T E R N A L   S T O R Y  ( 2011 )

The Present Future
~*Eternal Story
*Speck of Blue
Bluebells Rang
Watching Woven Web
Signs and Pathways (In the Chiaroscuro Night)
Bleeker to Rivoli
Not Good, Two You
Salvation Army
The Story of a Canvas
Return to the Red-Draped House
In Passing
Cohabit Nation
Red Dress
Ex-Porn Star Computer Technician
Bright Lights, Small City, Electrodes, Strobes and Topless
Sur Face
What Europe Should Be
Violin Heart
Solitude’s Roommates
The Apple-Pickers
Be Leave
~On Loving Schizophrenia
No Other Way
A-Posing Question of Color
~© Facebook
Naked Truth
Kindness Looms
~Time’s Iris
Hand-Clappings and Piccolos
The Ability
Ein Traum III
*Other Earth

For I, Wish
New Orleans, Before
Write Instructions
This Life
Goodnight, Irene
First Valentine


Sojournal: Diary of a Fisherwoman in France – Part I
Sojournal: Diary of a Fisherwoman in France – Part II
Sojournal: Diary of a Fisherwoman in France – Part III
The Hand
Reflections on an Interview: Günter Ludwig
An Interview with Günter Ludwig
“Time is a Willow” An Interview with NAU NUA Arts Magazine
Sojournal IV: Paris to Cincinnatti; Cincinnati; Cleveland; Cincinnatti to Paris
Sojournal V: Paris Orly Airport; Madrid to New York; LaGuardia Airport; New York to Cleveland; Akron Canton Red Roof Inn

The Past, Again
~~Give Me
†*re-Pressed Flower
*The Seven-Legged Spider
~†*Leave Me
†*Why the WilloW
†*Witness to Beauty, Fading
~†*Black Figure in the Snow
~~†*Bottled Soul
*Incantations at San Toma
~Time and Tide
~My Love is a She
~†*Being Pale Next to You
~Paper Ships
~~Dreaming While Awake
^*Last Five Dollars
~*My World Exists





W h y   t h e   W i l l o W  ( 2010 )

~Why the Willow

~Awake in ‘ing
Bon Appétit
Echoes of Thoughts, Cascading
für Vincent
Gypsy Moth
Noir et Blanc
~Mannheim to Paris
~~Once Was
~The Seven-Legged Spider
Playing with Pixels

~Half-Cent ipede
~I’ve Seen Beauty
Odisallos Afimerod
~Medicine Man in Sceaux
One, 2-3-4
Spare Change
Yesterday contra-Diction
Youmoi et Metoi,
A Walk

~~Give Me
~†*Leave Me
Jarrett (wanting You)
Know Not
~Man, aged
Oui, Tu
†*re-Pressed Flower
Voyeur (staring at a Lighthouse)
You’re Here
Three-dimension Pendulum

~Finding Piece
Midnight Outside
Madame Renee
No Song
Our Kiss
Polyrhythmic Lover
War Heroes
Venetian Foreshadow
~†*Witness to Beauty, Fading
The Women

~Why the Willow (version français)




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


O b s e r v i n g   t h e   L a b y r i n t h   f r o m   H e a v e n  (2007, 2008 )


T r a n s c r i p t i o n s   o f   T i m e  :  T h e   C o l l e c t e d   W o r k s  ( 2009 )

~~Author’s Note

New York & Brooklyn
A muse, Me
Airbrushed Sky
The (Bearable) Lightness of Being
†*~Being Pale Next to You
*Le Compositeur
Daddy’s Airplane
~*Eternal Story
Granddaughter of a Freemason
Helen of Troy
I Forget Who This Was For
I Have a Penis Too
I’m migration
~It’s Tuesday and New York is Alive!
I Wish
Lady Lust, the Tongue Twister
^*Last Five Dollars
Lunar Eclipse & Post Script
Middle-C Lass
~*My World Exists
La Nuit de Sade
Observing the Labyrinth from Heaven
Okay, Computer
Pancha Sila
~Paper Ships
*Poem for Nobody in Particular
A Question from Venus to Mars
A Sister in Red
There is No Answer
~*Thoughts Along an L.A. Freeway I
*Thoughts Along an L.A. Freeway II
Watching Fire Burn
*With You

Dublin, London, Glasgow & Edinburgh
~~~*Central Station 00:38
Fisherman Malcolm
~~Here I Am
~Somer Morwnynge
~You Are the One

Venice & Treviso
The Music of Venice
My Love is a She
~Il Redentore
Santa Lucia
Virgin Sapphire

Athens & Piraeus
Athenian Green
Dreaming While Awake
Footsteps Through Closed Doors
Harvest Moon
~Teach Me to Tango
Watching Brothers Embrace

Nimes, Junas, Rouen & Normandy
~Mère Adoptif
Mother Ocean
~Note to Kerouac (while On the Road)
A Princess’s Passage
Traveling with Legends

Toulouse, Minervois & Bordeaux
The Bench
*Incantations at San Tomà
Kiss Me
Mirror of Water
The Night I Saw Diamonds
Telling Lies on a Train
~Time and Tide
~La Ville Rose

Stuttgart, Karlsrhue & Mannheim
A People, A Place
You Want

Suburban Paris, France
*Black Figure in the Snow
~Bottled Soul
~Confessions to an Intangible Lover
Egyptian Perfume Palace
Emerald Isles
The Girl Who Still Believes in Pink Sunflowers
Home Again
I Am Not a Faerie
*I Believe
In finite Flora
~The Land of Do
Malevich, You and Me
The Man With Too Many Scars
My Beloved Figue Tree (again)
~~My Religion
Not a Poem for You
The Other Woman
Overgrown Figue Tree
~~Rondine (Little Bird)
~Secret Garden
Silent Morning
Stalin Contemplation
String of Consciousness
To Look Loosely
Tonight, I Cannot Write
Waiting for Tomorrow

Ellezelles, Belgium & Lille

Paris & Montmartre
~~20 Questions
~The Artiste at Montparnasse
Autumn Fragility
Bach words & Appall in air
~Country Home in an Urban Park
Dread-locked Father
Un Étage
Expired Citizen
GL.owstick revival
Green Dress
~*Just the Right Volume
Love Moves
Natural(Industrial)ization, Human(Constructiv)ism
The non-Thinkers
On Meeting
Paris Lightening
Poem for Mattie May Thomas
~Prose-ish in Paris
~Raining Fire
Re-Incarnation, a Painter Again
*Return Ticket
Rugby, dans Paris
Sacre Cœur
Sainte Clotilde
Sou venir
~Still, Life
Tiny Dancer
~To the Jealous Girlfriend
~~*Underneath Parisian Streets
~~Unfinished Dedication
~Watching Clouds Pass over Glass
What Will
Youmoi et Metoi
Your Eyes Will Change Tonight (and I am Not There)