“3VOLVE” Interview with Mike Marcellino, Red River Writers LIVE (rescheduled)

Furies Magazine (USA) – August 2013

Galway Bay FM Arts Show (Ireland) – 2011

ARTISTS GONE GLOBAL  Journal of Artists (USA) – 2011

with Christina Westover (USA) – 2011


NUA NAU Art Magazine (Spain) – 2010


MAGAZINE BLU Retrospective (USA) – 2009

Artist-Interviewing-Artist interview with Tim Lane (USA) – 2008 [podcast]

with Darryl Salach, editor, THE TORONTO QUARTERLY(Canada) – 2008

with Kimberly Toms, editor, MAGAZINE BLU(USA) – 2007



P U B L I C A T I O N S / P R E S S


– writings, paintings, photography & expositions                                                                                  2012

The Brooklyn Voice: July, Sept. and Oct. 2012. New York

“The Living Bridge” multi-media exposition. New Zealand

Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine, USA

NuaNau Arts Magazine, Spain

Ideogramma (Cyprus) & Sidestreets (Turkey) service organizations & the European Parliament of Nicosia.

      12 titles selected for participation in SpringPoetryRain event. Select works published and printed in a

collective book cataloged in Cyprus libraries.

“Trensch” by Martin Philadelphy. Delphy Records, Austria

Pirene’s Fountain Poetry Journal, UK

The Toronto Quarterly, Canada

“3VOLVE”, a review by R. Qayoom, UK

3VOLVE poetry-photography book V. 325 pages

– interviews, writings, paintings & photography                                                                                    2011

Ballet National de Marseille, poetry and vocals for the ballet “INV3RSES”, Italy

Artists Gone Global, 2nd Edition, USA

Peripheral Surveys Magazine, ‘Marginalia’ issue, Harvard University, USA

NuaNau Arts Magazine, Spain

Mediterranean Magazine, Sweden

“Eternal Story”, a review by R. Qayoom, UK

Eternal Story poetry book IV. 212 pages


– writings, paintings & photography                                                                                                                  2010

‘One World Cafe presents…’ interview. Her Circle eZine, USA

Antique Children Quarterly, No.3, ‘Doppelgänger’ issue. AQC Books, USA

Paraphilia Magazine, USA

“I Hear You” by Giant Dwarf. Delphy Records, Austria

Antique Children Quarterly, No.1, ‘Spit’ issue. AQC Books, USA

“Why The Willow”, a review by Beauty of Washing Lines Quarterly. BOWL Publishers, UK

“Why the Willow”, a review by C. Westover, USA

Why the WilloW poetry-photography book III. 150 pages


– writings, paintings & photography                                                                                                                  2009

Ballet National de Marseille, poetry and vocals for the ballet “INV3RSES”, France

Günter Ludwig Exposition. Germany

Transcriptions of Time: Collected Works poetry-photo book II. 221 pages


– writings, paintings, photography & interviews                                                                                    2008

“ONE: Dreipunkt International” full sales album text & vocals. Heardis! Corporate Sound, Germany

3:am Magazine, France

“L.A. Machine” by Norman Fairbanks. Norman Fairbanks Records, Germany

“Captivating Professionals” edition 2. Magazine Blu, USA

“A Summer Spoken For” exhibition of poetry, USA

Observing the Labyrinth from Heaven, 2nd ed. 176 pages


– writings, paintings, photography & interviews                                                                                    2007

The Toronto Quarterly, Canada

Underground Guerilla Art Zine, USA

Hecale Poetry Journal, UK

Observing the Labyrinth from Heaven poetry-photo book I, 1st ed. 141 pages