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July 2023 – Collaborating in Viareggio, Italy.

21 June 2023 – Exhibition of new paintings, sculpture, poetry and live, in-progress music/poetry collaboration performance with musician/composer Francesco Munaò at the 2023 MATSDA Conference, at Enoteca Villa Poggio Reale, Rufina, Italy.

June/April 2023 – Collaborating in Marina di Massa, Italy.
May 2023 – Collaborating in Marina di Vecchinao, Italy.
February 2023 – Collaborating in San Gimignano, Italy.
January 2023 – Collaborating in Siena, Italy.
December 2022
– Collaborating in Venice, Italy.
November 2022
– Collaborating in Livorno & Viareggio, Italy.

2 November 2022 (21-22 June 2023) – Metzger has been invited to perform her Poetry / exhibit artwork at a multi-artist staged evening event during the 2023 International Convention of English Language Schools & Linguists in Rufina, Italy.

1 November 2022 – Currently in collaboration (reactionary poetry, vocals) with Florentine multi-instrumentalist Francesco Munaò, in response to the production of his first major solo project. More to come!

13 October 2022 “La Quête de l’Absolu”.
Currently in a revival collaboration with percussionist H. Meziane (France/Algeria)…  Sharing a profound adoration for the poetry of Djalâl-od-Dîn Rumî (1207-1273) and its extensive comparative translations, Metzger-Meziane were also roommates in Reims, France, ten years ago. When they first met, they could not speak the same language – The underlying theme of this collaboration consists of the idea of how we communicate through common understanding of literatures, and form lasting bonds with others, without the use of language exchange. More to come!

30 June 2022 – The Vogel / Metzger collaboration (see below) for a next studio album by Vogel, featuring vocals & the poem “Unfold”, is currently being mastered in the studio in Berlin.

13 June 2022 – Metzger / hmmP Collaborations (vocals & poetry) will be featured in the forthcoming, new album by Hendrik Vogel (Germany). This release leans towards exploring the realms of solitude, human connection, and of space. Along with his many creative outlets and forms of expression, Vogel’s music releases & experiments in sound can be followed on SoundCloud. More to come…

October-December 2021 – Finding Comfort in the “Giorni” and in Aloneness.. by not being so alone.
After moving to Italy from Greece just at the onset of the pandemic, and while remaining in Tuscany throughout quarantine, Metzger began writing new poetry for her next book in a connective response to Stefano Tommasi‘s photography focusing on themes of Solitude and/or Aloneness. The resultant collaboration includes poetry written specifically for Tommasi’s premier solo exhibition (2-14 December 2021, Napoli) throughout this past year, its respective book, recitations of other poetries, inspired by the first meeting of the two artists, and a video recitation / installation (in French) at the Castel dell’Ovo.

17 July 2021 – Metzger & composer/sound-experimentalist Micka Luna (Spain) have continued their journey into yet another collaborative piece together, the two artists collaborating and exchanging ideas since 2007. This new collaboration was inspired after Luna’s release of his first solo album, “11”, last February after writing a biographical piece about Luna’s music.

25 June 2021
– Metzger’s poem Rondine“, from the book Transcriptions of Time: The Collected Works of H.M. Metzger (2009) and written in Paris while listening to a rendition of Vincenzo de Crescenzo’s romance “Rondine al Nido”, has been interpreted as the inspiration for a short opera, the poem sung and translated into Greek, by a Greek translator/composer in Athens and a Greek mezzo-soprano in London. The composer said, “Whenever I had lost hope I listened to this poem, …and I feel I can do everything, feeling strong and believed.” “I traveled half the world because of (Metzger’s) verses”.

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For information about the Books and/or audio Recordings, please visit Books/Reviews.

A selection of Music, Theatre, Film and Performance Collaborations listed below and at:



Ashtech – c/o Rarenoise Records
Auskeur – lyrics/vocals – “Threesome” & “Touch”
Ballet National de Marseille – lyrics/vocals/narrative – InVerses ballet feat. the poem “Last Five Dollars” (2009-11)
Benece Produccions, S.L. – script editing/intro. vocals for the Eduard Cortés film Ingrid (2010)
Thomas Bel – poetry, collaborative texts, vocals & video/photo – “Comatose”, “Fenetres”, “Jour-Nuit”, “Black Figure in the Snow”; singing on “The Mirror of Water
Tiago Benzinho – poetry, vocals – “Underneath Parisian Streets”, “Return Ticket”
David Van Bouwel (Torus Biglane) – lyrics/vocals – music for InVerses ballet feat. the poem “Last Five Dollars” (2009-11)
Daniele Camarda – lyrics/vocals – “Re-Incarnation (A Painter Again)”
Dennis Cahlo
– photography-poetry/text – “In the Shadows of Autumn” video montage
Marta Collica
– full poetry/vocals for music score of the film 5X, Traum Films (2010)
Chris Cuzme
– lyrics/vocals – “Thursdelay” for the Giant Dwarf album I Hear You (2010)
Raymond Dijkstra – vocals, poetry & video for the text, “Other Earth”
DJ Jeff Gold
– lyrics/vocals – “Give Me” (2018), full album – Asylum Confidential Records
Dynamic – lyrics/vocals
Norman Fairbanks – full L.A. Machine (2008) album vocals & text for “Thoughts Along an L.A. Freeway” I & II; full-album vocal interpretation of Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd & Martin Gore.
Malcolm Fisher – poetry for musical interpretation of “Being Pale Next to You” & “Poem for Nobody in Particular”
Teresa Gabriel – text from “Bottled Soul” for the song “Serenade to the Underworld”
Graphium – lyrics/vocals – “Central Station 00:38”
HearDis Records GmbH – full text/vocals for music compilation – “A Day on a Couch”
Henry Hugo – TBA – live performance project with Jean de Oliveira
IN SITU DANCE / Samadhi Marinho (ISSM) – poetry, vocals, collab mise-en-scene for video/dance installation, Paris (2012); vocals for interpretive dance for the poem “Bottled Soul” (‘The Skin I Live In’, 2013)
Vitor Joaquim – poetry, vocals & invented language – for live performances & video-art projection
Santiago Lozano – TBA
Micka Luna – lyric editing/voice, video and poetry;  intro. script editing/vocals for the film Ingrid (2010); video collaboration, vocals and release of the  “Eternal Story” single; + TBA
Oisin Lunny mixtapes – poetry/vocals – “Just the Right Volume”, “Devised.”
Mariano Matulich – text/vocals for the poem “Envar el Kadri (Midnight Moon)“, in French
Hamed Meziane
Jean Montag
– text/vocals – “Speck of Blue” & “Twitch
Nugath / Hendrik Vogel – poetry/vocals – mixed for Karlsruhe & Stuttgart club scene/radio; “With You” & dual collaboration for the poem “My World Exists” (2008, 2019)
Jean de Oliveira – poetry, vocals & photography for video concept of the poem “Return to You” (2012); full poetry/vocals for the film 5X (2010) feat. the poems “Gaudete”, “Leave Me”, “Witness to Beauty, Fading” &  “Being Pale Next to You”; + live video projection (New Zealand)
Martin Philadelphy – lyrics / vocals – “Thursdelay” for the Giant Dwarf album I Hear You (2010); “Re-Pressed Flower” & “Know Not” for the album Trensch (2011)
Project:5am – vocals/poetry – “My World Exists”
Red Circles Productions / A. Lopez Ochoa – lyrics/vocals/narrative – InVerses contemporary ballet (Italy & France) feat. the poem & thematic narrative of “Last Five Dollars” (2009-11)
Roman S. 
– poetry/vocals for dance music
Philip Rush / ia2iago
– poetry/vocals – “Being Pale Next to You”, “It’s Tuesday and New York is Alive!”, “I Believe
– vocals, poetry & video interpretations of the poems “Dilution” & “Normandie
Stavro-Christo – vocals, poetry, photography, “To Belong” video & acting
– poetry, vocals – “Incantations at San Toma
Olivier Vaillant
– poetry, collaborative texts, vocals, etc. for live performance



hmmP / hmmP col-Lab has been featured on/at:

95.8 Galway Bay FM, Galway, Ireland
102.9FM & 104.5FM, Ottawa-Ontario, Canada
107.6FM Living Room @ Osteria Acqua, Basel – c/o Hendrik Vogel
TWiN Poetry
Alt Hotels, Canada – c/o dj Jeff Gold
Artist-Interviewing-Artist – c/o Tim Lane
Ballet National de Marseille – c/o
Annabelle Ochoa & Torus Biglane
BBC Introducing: Fresh On The Net
& BBC Radio 6 – w/ Auskeur
Castel dell’Ovo, “Giorni” photography exhibition (2021). Napoli, Italy – c/o Stefano Tommasi
Club Deluxe, San Francisco – c/o Jonathan Siegel
CoCArt Music Festival, Torun, Poland – c/o
Vitor Joaquim
Community Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand
DAS FEST, Karlsruhe, Germany – c/o Hendrik Vogel
Early Music in Electronics Festival
MAfestival, Bruges – c/o Torus Biglane
ERR Klassika Raadio (Estonia) – w/ Hendrik Vogel
Festival Nightshot
, Château Malves, Minervois, France – c/o
Thomas Bel
Günter Ludwig exhibition, Visselhövede, Germany
International Living podcast (2021), Florence, Italy – c/o Kristin Lanese
Karlsruhe School of Art & Design, Germany – c/o
Hendrik Vogel
LostTribe events, Canada – c/o Jeff Gold
Madeira DIG Festival, Madeira Island, Portugal – c/o Vitor Joaquim
MiniTek Electro-Music Festival, New York, New York – c/o Norman Fairbanks
NewOrderNewIdols Festival, Karlsruhe, Germany – c/o
Hendrik Vogel
Paris Radio 1, live
Stereo Afterhours, Montreal, Canada – c/o Jeff Gold
Stereobar Montreal – c/o Jeff Gold
Studio Brussel Radio, Brussels – w/ Torus Biglane
VJg Radio – w/ Jean Montag
VRT Radio Klara, Brussels – w/ Torus Biglane


and seen at:

Le Marché de la Poésie, Paris
Barristorante Campiello, Venezia
Bistrot des Artistes, Paris
Compendium, Athens, Greece
Crawdaddy, Dublin, Ireland
Culture Rapide/Cabaret Populaire, Paris
Fête de la Musique, Paris
Heaven Cafe, Brooklyn
The Highlander Pub, Paris
Indigo Tea Lounge, Anchorage
The Lizard Lounge, Paris
Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe, New York
L’Ogre a Plumes, Paris
The Rio Cafe, Glasgow
Shakespeare & Company, Paris
Tap Root, Anchorage
‘Vernissage H.M. Metzger’ 2009, Paris


hmmP is a registered artist of the performing rights organization:

Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
7 World Trade Center
250 Greenwich Street 
New York, NY 10007

IPI/CAE# 00597.33.73.03



Archive NEWS :

March 2021 – Metzger is currently collaborating with a few wonderfully creative international individuals residing in Florence, Italy, after moving to the city last year.. More to come!

July 2019 – Metzger and tensile-structure engineer / designer Charles Duvall  are working on collaborative pieces together…

April 2019 – Metzger and musician / composer Vitor Joaquim (Portugal) are currently re-working and reviving a collaboration begun in 2008…

March 2019 – Metzger is currently working in a revival collaboration (begun in 2008) with German artist Günter Ludwig. Ongoing progress of their work together can be viewed at LUDWIG | METZGER Collaboration (2008, 2019), a new website dedicated exclusively to their collective work and mutual inspiration over the years.

January 2019 – A collaboration with sound technician Hendrik Vogel (Germany), featuring Metzger’s poem My World Exists was re-worked for radio play on Estonia’s classical radio station, ERR. Previous collaborative work with Norman Fairbanks, from the album L.A. Machine, was also featured by radio host, Skeene Niidistik. The Metzger-collaborative portion of the radio show can be heard at: “Fantaasia” – Skeene Niidistik, feat. hmmP & Collaborations – ERR Klassika Raadio, Tallinn

October 2018 – A collaboration with musician / composer Mariano Matulich (Buenos Aires, Argentina) was released, including Metzger’s French poem “Midnight Moon”, the piece further developing into a tribute to “Envar El Kadri“.

September 2018 – A collaboration with Canadian / West Coast / now Mexico-resident and DJ, Jeff Gold, on a multi-track album was released this autumn, through Asylum Confidential Records.

June 2013 – An interview and Metzger’s “Recent Works” was featured in FURIES MAGAZINE.

On Exhibit: 31 Aug – 9 Sept, 2012 – Metzger’s poetry was strung throughout a 50-minute video, “The Living Bridge” – featuring Olivier Vaillant (France – music, voice) and Jean de Oliveira (Berlin – intro. video) – on exhibit at THE LIVING BRIDGE Multi-Media Art Exhibition, Community Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand