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May 2025:@ Biennale d’Arte Contemporain de Cachan (Paris, France)

Jan. 2024:  Received a new electronic music-inspired, 2-piece “synaesthesia” commission from Colorado, USA.

Feb.-July 2022:  Received a new 12-piece Jazz-series / street art permanent installation / commission in New York City. — Final project to be 24 pieces, 12 installed & 12 exhibited elsewhere. Colorado & D.C. commissions continue in Italy…

“Synaesthesia” photos:
“Synaesthesia” videos: – 005. – 006.007.008. – 009. – 010.011.012.

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July 2022:  Relocation of OUT-Series(sculpture / montage) temporary exhibit placement, again in Alaska.

April 2022:  ‘Jazz-series(commission in-progress & explorative, “street art” pop-up group showing in Florence, Italy.)

June 2021:  Received two new painting/installation commissions, for San Francisco/Colorado & Paris, France. Washington D.C. painting commission continues… ‘OUT-Series’ (sculpture / montage) temporary exhibit placement in Anchorage, Alaska.

August 2020:  Sold first painting in Italy (Tuscany).

May 2018:  Commencement of 2 full-size commissions for clients in Washington D.C. and London, UK;  Alaska commission finalized – (see below, “Prince William Sounds Three Suns”).

6-8 October 2017:  “POLAR OPPOSITES”
Two concurrent 3-day events in capitals on opposite sides of the Planet (Juneau & Paris).

–  photo © Stavro Christo, Athens, Greece  –

1. A retrospective exhibition of ‘sub/Conscious‘ (Paris, 2007-13) in Paris, France, in a reunion Exhibition of 3 Artists:  Laurent Plazannet (Paris) – sculpture, furniture, paintings, drawings;  K-bô (Guadaloupe) – sculpture; and H. Metzger – paintings, drawings & poetry.

2. Final showing of the ‘OUT-Series‘ (Alaska, 2013-16) exhibition in Juneau, Alaska.

May 2016:  Exhibition of selected works from Metzger’s OUT-Series (2013-16) found/natural-material paintings, montage, sculpture, audio recordings & video – Alaska.

until 10 April 2016:  Select Works at the 2016 All-Alaska Biennale  (montage/sculpture)

June 2013:  “On Painting, Creation and Inspiration” – Editor-in-Chief Liz Zook interviews H.M. Metzger for Furies Magazine [ full interview here ]

“Être Soul sur un Vélo”
80×60 cm, acrylic, gesso, pencil, graffiti bomb, india ink, carbon ash, chalk and auto primer on canvas

2013. A work for Reims, France

“Christina’s Crystals” & “Crystalization-De/Reconstruction”
100x100cm, acrylic, gesso, graffiti bomb, india ink, carbon ash, chalk and auto primer on canvas

Commission 2012-13.  San Francisco, USA
( construction animation )

“La Nuit dans Montmartre” (2007) – acrylic, ink, pencil and wine on paper


“City-storm” (2010).  220 x 200 cm – acrylic, water color, pencil, acid, chalk on canvas


Hollace M. Metzger (née en 1975 aux Etats-Unis) est architecte, auteur et artiste visuel de New York.  Ses peintures sont souvent peintes en musique.  Sa peinture au couteau explore la métamorphose des émotions ou des coupures, en un collectif, une entité méditative et une recherche subconsciente dans une période de temps.  Sa palette s’étend de l’organique trouvé dans la nature à l’industriel ramassé dans la rue ainsi que ses toiles, ce qui renforce l’idée de créer avec l’objet délaissé ou l’émotion oubliée.

detail of  “Une Histoire des Amoureux” (2011-12). Paris-Reims, France


“La Nuit dans Montmartre” 2008. – acrylic on paper, sold in Montmartre, Paris

Since 1995, Ms. Metzger has been exploring various theories of composition, movement associative to time lapse and ideas of infinite space, often using a knife as a brush. Rooted in the French Cubist (1907-21) and Italian Futurist (1909-16) movements, what began as a study to find the “in-between” of these movements and objects in space in the 1990’s, developed into a suggestive post-futurist “what if” statement after 2000, incorporating kinetic ‘energies’ of those forms which have mostly faded – leaving traces of selective memory, of momentary geometric “snapshots” taken to document a space, record an emotion, or to commit a moment in time to memory.

“H2O.14 – Complainte de la Butte” (October 2011)
40×60 cm; acrylic, ink, gesso, acid wash, wine & cleaning products on a band promo poster. Painted to live voice & guitar – Reims, France.


‘Une Histoire des Amoureux’
Reims & Paris, France. Jan.2012 – 80×80 cm, acrylic, tempera, gesso, water color, grafitti bomb, wine/champagne, pencil & chalk on canvas


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Many reasons underly the use of a knife, as an architect uses a pen. Most importantly, however, it became a method of re-training the hand to draw, away from computer-generated line weights and use of a computer mouse. Many have also assessed that this “cutting” is a defensive motion and in response to this the artist claims, “The beauty formed in these possibly painful gestures and memories is an intricately detailed structure that can only be regarded as beautiful.” Thus, we are reminded of Metzger’s poetry as well as the possibility, and vision, of transformation.


“H2O.10 – You Move Me” (Paris, 2010) – [50×70 cm: Colgate toothpaste, dish soap, auto grease, shoe polish, leg circulation cream, econazole nitrate, olive oil, men’s anti-perspirant & acrylic on paper] – Painted to African diaspora music & J.S. Bach, in 30 minutes


“H2O.06 – White Noise” (Paris, 2009) – 50×70 cm, acrylic, tempera, water color, acid wash & gesso on paper



Commissions* & Funded Projects

*”Jazz-Series”  Jan. 2022… – in Florence, Italy, for New York, NY, USA

*Land of the Rising Son  2020-22  –  in Florence, Italy, for Washington D.C.

*Hafiz and Rumi; You and Me  2019-22  –  in Athens, Greece & Florence, Italy, for London, U.K.

*Prince William Sound’s Three Suns  2016-18  –  in Athens, Greece, for Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Mobile Bachelor Pad  Jan.2015  –  Anchorage, USA

*Christina’s Crystals : Crystalization-De/Re-Construction  Jan.2013  –  in Paris, France, for San Francisco, USA

*Être Soul sur un Vélo  Dec.2012  –  in Paris, France, for Reims, France

*Une Histoire des Amoureux  Jan.2012  –  in Reims and Paris, France, for Reims, France

We Are All Monkeys (Tribute to Buckminster Fuller)  2010-13  –  Paris, France

*Portrait of a Man  Apr.2011  –  in Paris, France, for Ohio, USA

*Eiffel Tower  2010  –  in Paris, for Paris, France

*City-storm   2009-10  –  in Paris, France, for New York, USA

*La Grande Vague (pictured above) 2008  –  in Paris, France, for Texas, USA

La Nuit dans Montmartre  Oct.2007  –  in Montmartre, sold in Paris, France


60×100 cm; 174 reduced-fare Paris Metro tickets, wallpaper glue, adhesives & acrylic on found street cardboard

.  .  .


“Prince William Sound’s Three Suns / Portrait for a Marine Engineer”

Commission #12  (2016-18)


Exhibitions & Features

“OUT-Series : H.M. Metzger” – IGCA & MOCA of Anchorage & Juneau, Alaska – 2016, 2018

2016 All-Alaska Biennale

“OUT : H.M. Metzger” recent works – Anchorage, Alaska – Oct. 2014

“The Living Bridge” multimedia exhibition – Dunedin, New Zealand – Sept. 2012

“Foreign Artists” group exposition – Mairie de Paris, France – Oct. 2011

Fairmount Center Group Exhibition, Ohio, USA – June 2011

Biennale de Cachan, France – May 2010

Vernissage Hollace M. Metzger, France – Oct. 2009

Brennan Gallery, New Jersey, USA – July 2008

University of Kentucky, USA – June 1999


“H2O.02 – Automne” – 50×70 cm, tempera, india ink & acid wash on paper


Paintings by commission, from exhibition or by appointment viewing.

As the majority of abstract works are responses to specific individuals’ personalities, environments and lifestyles, most work is initiated/completed on a full or part-time commission basis after a detailed personal interview, and/or feng shui analysis of client’s desired future site for the work.
Commissions (negotiable): $2000-$6000 USD / 1-meter (3′-3″) square (stretched canvas, wood frame) & +/-$100 USD S/H to USA (from Europe) or abroad (from USA)

Please direct inquiries to




Portrait of a Man


March 2013:  Metzger’s paintings were featured in NAU NUA Magazine‘s Women’s Day Exhibitions (Spain).

Oct. 2012:  The construction animation of the painting Une Histoire des Amoureux was featured on  JUXTAPOZ online.

Photos, paintings and poetry were also featured and published in the annual Artists Gone Global 2011 (2nd Ed.) publication, available at

June 2011: The canvas “Citystorm” is now featured on the cover of a new collection of poetry by London author Rehan Qayoom, ABOUT TIME.   

January 2011: Proceeding publication of an interview last December, Metzger’s paintings are also featured in the month’s issue of NAU NUA Arts Magazine (Barcelona). 

Dec. 2010:  A selection of Metzger’s “Paris Paint” Series was featured in NAU NUA Magazine (Barcelona) as well as a lengthy interview, published in Nau NUA Magazine – ISSUU.



“H2O.07 – Landscape, in Three Parts” – 70×50 cm, tempera, india ink, acid wash & silver leaf on paper