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June 2018 – Currently working with Canadian / West Coast / now Mexico-resident DJ Jeff Gold on a multi-track album to be released this summer, by a record label in Hawaii. More to come…

February 2017 – Metzger and doctorate-musician and composer Vitor Joaquim (Portugal) are currently re-working and reviving a music collaboration begun in 2008.

May 2016-2017… – Currently collaborating with Athenian video artist / photographer Stavro Christo in Athens, Greece. More to come!

June 2013 – An interview and Metzger’s “Recent Works” was featured in FURIES MAGAZINE.

On Exhibit 31 august – 9 september, 2012 – Metzger’s poetry was strung throughout a 50-minute video, “The Living Bridge,” – featuring Olivier Vaillant (France – music, voice) and Jean de Oliveira (Berlin – intro. video) – on exhibit at THE LIVING BRIDGE Multi-Media Art Exhibition, Community Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand. 31 aug.-9 sept. 2012, public screening 6 sept. 

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A selection of Music, Theatre, Film and Performance Collaborations listed below and at:



Ashtech – TBA
Auskeur – lyrics/vocals – “Threesome” & “Touch”
Ballet National de Marseille – lyrics/vocals/narrative – InVerses ballet feat. “Last Five Dollars” (2009-11)
Benece Produccions, S.L. – script editing/intro. vocals for the Eduard Cortés film Ingrid (2010)
Thomas Bel – poetry, collaborative texts, vocals & video/photo – “Comatose”, “Fenetres”, “Jour-Nuit”, “Black Figure in the Snow”; singing on “The Mirror of Water
Tiago Benzinho – poetry, vocals – “Underneath Parisian Streets”, “Return Ticket”
David Van Bouwel (Torus Biglane) – lyrics/vocals – music for InVerses ballet feat. “Last Five Dollars” (2009-11)
Daniele Camarda – lyrics/vocals – “Re-Incarnation (A Painter Again)”
Dennis Cahlo
– photography-poetry/text – “In the Shadows of Autumn” video montage
Marta Collica
– full poetry/vocals for music score of the film 5X, Traum Films (2010)
Chris Cuzme
– lyrics/vocals – “Thursdelay” for the Giant Dwarf album I Hear You (2010)
Raymond Dijkstra – vocals, poetry & video – “Other Earth”
DJ Jeff Gold
– lyrics/vocals – “Give Me” (2018), full album – Asylum Confidential Records
Dynamic – lyrics/vocals
Norman Fairbanks – full L.A. Machine (2008) album vocals & text for “Thoughts Along an L.A. Freeway” I & II; full-album vocal interpretation of Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd & Martin Gore.
Malcolm Fisher – poetry for musical interpretation of “Being Pale Next to You” & “Poem for Nobody in Particular”
Teresa Gabriel – text from “Bottled Soul” for the song “Serenade to the Underworld”
Graphium – lyrics/vocals – “Central Station 00:38”
HearDis Records GmbH – full text/vocals for music compilation – “A Day on a Couch”
Henry Hugo – TBA – live performance project with Jean de Oliveira
IN SITU DANCE / Samadhi Marinho (ISSM) – poetry, vocals, collab mise-en-scene for video/dance installation, Paris (2012); vocals for interpretive dance for the poem “Bottled Soul” (‘The Skin I Live In’, 2013)
Vitor Joaquim – poetry, vocals – for live performances & video-art projection
Santiago Lozano – TBA
Micka Luna – lyric editing/voice, video and poetry;  intro. script editing/vocals for the film Ingrid (2010); video collaboration, vocals and single release of the poem “Eternal Story
Oisin Lunny mixtapes – poetry/vocals – “Just the Right Volume”, “Devised.”
Jean Montag – text/vocals – “Speck of Blue” & “Twitch
Nugath / Hendrik Vogel – poetry/vocals – mixed for Karlsruhe & Stuttgart club scene/radio; “With You
Jean de Oliveira – poetry, vocals & photography for video concept of the poem “Return to You” (2012); full poetry/vocals for the film 5X (2010) feat. the poems “Gaudete”, “Leave Me”, “Witness to Beauty, Fading” &  “Being Pale Next to You”;  TBA – live performance project
Martin Philadelphy – lyrics / vocals – “Thursdelay” for the Giant Dwarf album I Hear You (2010); “Re-Pressed Flower” & “Know Not” for the album “Trensch” (2011)
Project:5am – vocals/poetry – “My World Exists”
Red Circles Productions / A. Lopez Ochoa – lyrics/vocals/narrative – InVerses contemporary ballet feat. “Last Five Dollars” (2009-11)
Roman S. 
– poetry/vocals for dance music
Philip Rush / ia2iago
– poetry/vocals – “Being Pale Next to You”, “It’s Tuesday and New York is Alive!”, “I Believe
– vocals, poetry & video interpretations of the poems “Dilution” & “Normandie
Stavro-Christo – vocals, poetry, photography, “To Belong” video & modeling
– poetry, vocals – “Incantations at San Toma
Olivier Vaillant
 – poetry, collaborative texts, performance script, vocals, mise-en-scene, etc. for live performance


hmmP / hmmP col-Lab has been featured on:

95.8 Galway Bay FM, Galway, Ireland
102.9FM & 104.5FM, Ottawa-Ontario, Canada
107.6FM “Living Room” @ Osteria Acqua, Basel – c/o Hendrik Vogel
TWiN Poetry
Alt Hotels, Canada – c/o dj Jeff Gold
Artist-Interviewing-Artist – c/o Tim Lane
Ballet National de Marseille – c/o
Annabelle Ochoa & Torus Biglane
BBC Introducing: Fresh On The Net
& BBC Radio 6 – w/ Auskeur
Club Deluxe, San Francisco – c/o Jonathan Siegel
CoCArt Music Festival, Torun, Poland – c/o
Vitor Joaquim
Community Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand
DAS FEST, Karlsruhe, Germany – c/o Hendrik Vogel
Early Music in Electronics Festival –
MAfestival, Bruges – c/o Torus Biglane
Festival Nightshot, Château Malves, Minervois, France – c/o
Thomas Bel
Günter Ludwig exhibition, Visselhövede, Germany
Karlsruhe School of Art & Design, Germany – c/o
Hendrik Vogel
LostTribe events, Canada – c/o Jeff Gold
Madeira DIG Festival, Madeira Island, Portugal – c/o Vitor Joaquim
MiniTek Electro-Music Festival, New York, New York – c/o Norman Fairbanks
NewOrderNewIdols Festival, Karlsruhe, Germany – c/o
Hendrik Vogel
Paris Radio 1, live
Stereo Afterhours, Montreal, Canada – c/o Jeff Gold
Stereobar Montreal – c/o Jeff Gold
Studio Brussel Radio, Brussels – w/ Torus Biglane
VJg Radio – w/ Jean Montag
VRT Radio Klara, Brussels – w/ Torus Biglane

and seen at:

Le Marché de la Poésie
Barristorante Campiello, Venezia
Bistrot des Artistes, Paris
Compendium, Athens
Crawdaddy, Dublin, Ireland
Culture Rapide/Cabaret Populaire, Paris
Fête de la Musique, Paris
Heaven Cafe, Brooklyn
The Highlander Pub, Paris
Indigo Tea Lounge, Anchorage
The Lizard Lounge, Paris
Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe
L’Ogre a Plumes, Paris
The Rio Cafe, Glasgow
Shakespeare & Company, Paris
Tap Root, Anchorage
‘Vernissage Hollace M. Metzger’ 2009, Paris

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